Home Remedies For Colds and Flu

Colds and Flu

The most common infections that humans catch are the cold and flu and they are hard to avoid.

There is no vaccine for the cold. As for the flu, the vaccines which are made available do not protect against all possible strains and some people catch it anyway.

The symptoms of the common cold and the flu are often indistinguishable: fever, itchy and runny nose, sinus pain, itchy and sore throat, headache and body aches.

Improve Your Immunity

The best remedy against colds and flu is a strong immune system that is supported by a sensible diet:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Fresh fish
  • Whole grains
  • Lean chicken and meat
  • Nuts and legumes


Another way to deter infection is to wash hands after using the bathroom, after using public transport, a public telephone or even holding on to the handrails on the elevator.  This is because the viruses responsible for the common cold and the flu are easily transmitted when we touch things that have been touched by an infected person.

Any droplet of breath or saliva that is virus-laden can be transmitted by hand as it reaches the mucus membranes and will probably lead to infection. So, touching your nose, eyes and lips with unwashed hands can potentially introduce a cold or flu into your body.

Alternatives To Cold Medications

There are a lot of cold medicines that you can purchase over-the-counter. Some of them actually stall the body’s natural healing process because they prevent necessary functions of it, such as, drainage of infection by drying up the nasal passages.



If your nose is stuffy, put your head above a bowl of steaming hot water with a towel draped over your head and breathe in the steam deeply. This really helps to liquefy mucus and facilitate the much needed drainage process naturally.

Ice Packs

An ice pack placed on the head can relieve a headache from a cold.

Sinus Relief

Sometimes, a headache results when the sinuses are inflamed. When this happens, the cheeks, nose area and pretty much the entire face can ache and feel like it’s going to explode.


  1. Prepare two bowls: fill one with ice water and fill the other with hot water (as hot as you can stand).
  2. Soak a small face towel in each of the bowls.
  3. Alternate the hot and cold compress on your face, letting the compress stay until the heat of cold from the towel dissipates.

Also, gently massaging the area around the nose can help to loosen mucus build up and bring relief.

Neti Pot

A Neti pot is a handy little gadget that helps with sinus infections by draining the mucus build up.

Warm Salt Water

Gargling with warm salty water can alleviate an itchy and sore throat and help with healing.  If the itchiness is accompanied by phlegm, add lemon juice as this will loosen phlegm.

Hot Peppers And Spice

Hot peppers and spicy foods naturally clear up sinuses and stimulate drainage, which speeds the healing process.

3 Herbs That Heal Colds

  • Licorice Root – Licorice root has glycyrrhizin a natural anti-viral that studies have shown is effective in fighting the flu. In Ayurvedic medicine, licorice root is an effective expectorant. Check with your doctor if you are taking any medications as licorice can conflict with some.
  • Garlic – Garlic is a natural immunity booster. There are all natural garlic supplements available over the counter, or if you can take it you can eat fresh garlic a few times per day. One way to make this easier is to sprinkle some crushed garlic over scrambled eggs or some other food that you enjoy.
  • Thyme – Fresh Thyme or Thyme essential oil can help during a cold or flu because it is a natural expectorant helping to clear the lungs of mucus, which, speeds healing.
  1. Tea: Make a Thyme tea by steeping 2 teaspoons of fresh thyme in a cup of boiling-hot water for 10 minutes.
  2. Make a thyme steam bowl: Boil water and place into large bowl. Add some fresh thyme or a few drops of thyme essential oils. Cover your head with a towel and place it over the bowl and inhale the steam.


Drink a lot of pure vegetable, pure fruit juice and water as this will bring fever down and it will keep you from getting dehydrated. Pure means freshly squeezed without added sugar.


When you have the cold or flu, you will certainly lose your appetite. Eating chicken soup and crackers is a good way to keep your strength up and provide your body with proper nutrition that will give it needed energy for healing. Plus, chicken soup just makes you feel better, ask your grandma.

Hot Tea With Lemon

Hot tea with lemon and honey soothes everything and anything associated with a cold or flu, it just feels good going down.

Let us know what you think about the information provided.


Why hypnosis is the most powerful money-making tool you could ever possess!

Reproduced from Total Money Magnetism by Steve G Jones, worlds leading clinical hypnotherapist.

Why hypnosis is the most powerful money-making tool you could ever possess!

If you’re completely new to hypnosis, you’re probably wondering how on earth it ties in with money making, and how it is going to get you on the fast-track to wealth!

So right now, I’m going to get a little into the exact neuroscience behind hypnosis and prove to you why it is literally the BEST tool you can have up your sleeve when it comes to getting RICH.

First of all, here’s the one crucial secret you NEED to know:

The number one thing that is holding you back from achieving ultimate wealth and life success right now is your subconscious mind…

…And the ONLY way you can directly target and ‘reprogram’ your stubborn subconscious mind is through hypnosis!

Here’s the deal:
There are two crucial components of your mind that drive your behavior;

your conscious and your subconscious.

Your conscious mind is the part of your mind that’s in control when you’re fully awake and alert. It allows you to think, reason and analyze and controls all of your actions when you are awake.

Your subconscious mind, on the other hand, is like a huge memory bank that stores all of your memories, beliefs, and skills, but does not think or reason… It simply obeys COMMANDS received from your conscious.

In your subconscious mind, thoughts which were originally created in your conscious can feed, grow, and take root… Which is great for positive thoughts, as they can blossom into empowering beliefs, which motivate you to reach your goals.

But on the other hand, if you are producing the same negative thoughts over and over, your subconscious will latch on to these thoughts and will begin to grow ‘toxic weeds’ in your mind…

And these ‘weeds’ will only serve to keep you trapped in negative thought patterns and hold you back from where you want to be!

See, one of your subconscious mind’s most important functions is to keep you living in alignment with your ingrained habits and beliefs (or in other words, keep you living inside your ‘comfort zone’!)

So what happens is, when you even THINK about doing something out of the ordinary, your subconscious mind automatically goes into ‘red alert mode’ and produces emotions such as fear and discomfort, to encourage you to stay within the boundaries of your comfort zone.

And herein lies the problem…

What if you are so used to struggling financially, that this has BECOME your ‘comfort zone’?

What if your subconscious is literally blocking you from becoming wealthy?

Unfortunately, this is the biggest reason why most people NEVER break free from the chains of financial hardship.

If you have negative thoughts about money and your ability to achieve success lurking in the back of your mind, this this is the REASON you haven’t attracted wealth in your life yet.

And the bottom line is, in order to become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, your subconscious mind needs to undergo a MAJOR upgrade.

It’s a bit like overcoming smoking… You have been in the same habits and thinking patterns for years, and so making a change is a BIG deal – it is going to require literally ‘re-wiring’ the very synapses, cells and neural pathways of your brain!

But wait… here’s the really good news!

At the moment, your conscious is acting as the ‘big burly bouncer’ controlling all access in and out of your subconscious mind.

But with hypnosis, YOU get to take over control.

With my program, you have received my ultimate Millionaire Brain Building technology: Six custom-built hypnosis recordings that I have personally optimized for your wealth-building success.

And we’ll delve deeper into the exact mechanisms behind these super- charged hypnosis tracks in the following chapters…

… But all you need to know right now is that these mp3 tracks are embedded with cutting-edge neuroscience technology, which allows you to literally put your conscious mind ‘to sleep’ so that YOU can take over command of your subconscious.

Once your conscious is ‘asleep’, your subconscious is forced into submission.

It literally has no choice but to OBEY the powerful wealth-building messages and commands contained within your hypnosis tracks…

… To start permanently erasing toxic beliefs, shutting down negative thought patterns, and allowing your thoughts to be reprogrammed for ‘mass wealth attraction’ through controlled neurogenesis (the creation of functional new neurons in your brain).

Through neurogenesis, the very neural pathways in the areas of your brain responsible for wealth and success will be strengthened, allowing for faster, more powerful connections to be created.

And as your new millionaire thoughts and beliefs become ‘hardwired’ into your mind, your subconscious will automatically start working hard to keep you living in alignment with these beliefs…

… Transforming you more and more into an unstoppable wealth magnet each and every time you listen to your advanced Millionaire Brain Building hypnosis tracks!

Do I Need Previous Experience?

Previous experience could either make or break you. In fact, some people who enter SFM having an experience sometimes reject how our program works and prefers to follow old habits from previous experience. Some even skip the phases of the program which should not be. Once you enter SFM you should stay open with the instructions and how the program works.

Never be afraid to start internet business just because you don’t have any experience. The truth is having no experience in this field means a more open mind to adapt to the process designed by the team. SFM is designed for people who don’t have previous experiences so you can be confident that the team will surely help you achieve your business goals. It has been observed too that those people who enter the business without any experience are more eager to learn and they follow the program in details. This should work for you regardless if you already have an experience or not.

*Note that individual results will vary. No results are guaranteed with the help of our training and business systems. Individual results will depend on your determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions.

4 Basics to Move From a Corporate Job to Entrepreneur – Part 4

Contd from Part 3 of the series 4 Basic moves…..

As you work on your mindset, then next thing you need set up is..

Build the necessary foundation

You need to have the right foundation to make this transition from an employee to an Entrepreneur. Here are two ways to get started:

Get your partner on board. If you have a life partner, get them on board. You can do this without their support, but it will be easier with them on your side.

Extended family, friends or peers don’t need to believe in your dreams, but the support of your life partner—the person who shares your life and goals? Get that person to embrace this decision from the beginning. It will ease the path considerably if both of you are on board. You will find your partner more supportive during the the tough times (and there will be those..) as your partner will feel like they are part of journey.

Get your financial house in order well BEFORE you make the transition. Unless you’re an eccentric millionaire, you need to set some cash aside, and the best time to do that is while still at corporate. Self-employment is the ultimate path to wealth, but the beginnings can be slow.

Be vigilant about this. Live below your means for six months to a year before quitting. Pay off your debts or consolidate them to minimize interest. Live an economically smart lifestyle. Reduce unnecessary expenses. Get clear on your priorities and watch your spending. Build smart habits to sustain your new way of living.

Remember the TOP reason for entrepreneur failure is cash flow problems, this can be avoided if you create the appropriate buffer. So build a Business Plan, even a rough expense sheet will do to start with. This will never be exact, but put some rough numbers together for the following: How much are my startup costs? When do I anticipate generating revenue? How much? Overhead? Can I get a loan?

Once you come up with your number, add a few more months for your runway and use that to establish how much money you’ll need in the bank before you part ways with your current organization.

There are two costs you need to consider, your own personal financial situation, and the finance of your startup. Start cutting back all the unnecessaries in your life to get your personal “burn rate” down to a minimum, then calculate a year’s worth of runway to provide a windfall. Bootstrap your own personal life to start adapting to what it will be like owning a startup and applying principles to your own finances.

Having a support system is so important for success. Knowing that you have a partner, family and friends cheering you on can make all the difference in the world.



4 Basics to Move From a Corporate Job to Entrepreneur – Part 3

Contd.. from Part 2 of the series

Have you ever wondered why some people are successful over and over again, while other people just can’t seem to catch a break? You can take two people; give them the same skills, the same opportunities and ensure that everything is equal between them, and one person might succeed while the other fails. This is not really a hypothetical example. People do this all of the time. One person sees that someone they know or admire is becoming successful by doing A, B and C, so they will try to replicate that person’s results by also doing A, B and C. But does that guarantee that they will have the same success? Almost never; so, what is the difference? What is the ultimate factor that determines whether or not a person is successful?

What Does a Mindset Determine?


Your mindset may be the most important asset that you have and the way that you look at the world is going to influence many things in your life. A mindset can also be thought of as a window that you see the world through, a paradigm or the attitudes that you have. You could almost argue that if you had the right mindset you would be successful even if all of the other factors were dead set against you. Of course, that is not exactly the case because your mindset determines how and if you see opportunities when they come along. So how do we start with the right mindset?

Start with the right mindset

Banish these top self-limiting beliefs:

  1. Most entrepreneurs fail. (Most everyone fails before they succeed. Just don’t quit.)
  2. Entrepreneurship is uncertain. (Not half as uncertain as working for someone else.)
  3. The economy is bad. (Great opportunities arise in the worst economies, think Microsoft and Apple in the 1970s.
  4. I don’t have a business degree. (Most successful entrepreneurs dropped out of college, honey!)
  5. Everyone will think I’m crazy. (You get to know your real friends and let go of ones who aren’t supportive!)

Seriously, take a look at those who spout these self-limiting beliefs. Do you really see them as a role model of success?