So who is holding you back??

So who is holding you back??

It is amazing how creative we are in finding a someone or something to blame for our condition…Is it you Dad? Or Is it your Mom? The Economy maybe?  Boss, Spouse?? Who is holding you back from becoming who you want to become??

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Now let me pour some cold water on that notion. NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE is holding you back other than YOU yourself. That little voice in your head that tells you that you cannot do it or that it is not possible comes from within you..

It is an inbuilt resistance that holds us back, we all have it….And because we think it is our thoughts we give it credibility….. BUT If you identify it as such and treat is as just a thought and nothing else…. it will be easy to let is pass like a passing cloud in the sky, which is what it is.

Once you put this voice in its place, its power weakens and you can move forward….remember victory lies beyond fear…creation happens OUTSIDE THE BOX…


Now lets cut to the chase, what exactly is being  held back? What is it that we are not being able to do? What is it that we are doing that we do not want to do?? Many of us are not even aware of that… Sure, we see the symptoms, the lack of fulfilment at work, the increasing lack of enthusiasm. Constantly seeking joy and fulfilment OUTSIDE of your chosen vocation…The gnawing thought that keeps repeating itself…Is there all there is? Where did my passion, my enthusiasm, motivation dissappear? 

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Now let me be as blunt as i can…. What is missing is that what you do does not match the following:

Your Passion + Your Skills/Talents + Your Experience

We all want to matter, be relevant, be successful in a way that it makes the lives of others better!!! Like it or not, we want to help others, that what it means to matter, be relevant. Matter to whom? Relevant to whom? To others.. So the formula that is missing becomes

Your Passion + Your Skills/Talents + Your Experience + Provide a Service to Others


That’s what you are thinking right? At this age, with all my responsibilities, with all the uncertainties that exist today, how can i possibly start all over again? I don’t even know where to begin….let alone what to do.

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I have a road map for you. A path that will take you all the way to fulfillment using …..Your Passion + Your Skills/Talents + Your Experience + Provide a Service to Others.

Ok lets start with what we know and already possess – we know our interests, we know what we are passionate about, we know our skills and we know our work & life experience. These are known. So our task is reduced to how do we help others and make money and find time freedom… ALL at the same time. 

Lets tackle Interest/Passion + Money first….

How do you follow your interests? It could be golf, cooking, fitness, sports, gardening, dogs, cats……. the list is endless. But how do we follow and increase our participation and enjoyment in them? We go out and find things around these interests and spend money in buying things about them! It could be golf equipment or sports coaching online, it could be books or videos on dog training, gardening, diets for fitness or fitness programs…

What does this tell us? It tells us that there are products and services that are out there that people with interests similar to us are willing to spend money on.

Do you know that you can sell these products and services that you yourself use and enjoy to a world-wide audience?

 How you ask? You have never done this, you dont know how to, you don’t have the technical skills or knowledge to do this, you dont have the funds that are probably required, you don’t….you don’t…  🙂 Guess who is talking now? Who is stopping you from exploring this? It’s our little friend we met at the beginning of this article. We now know who that is and what it does so we are ready to listen to it and move on.. So you continue to indulge me….

Where were we? Ah yes…

the products and services in your area of interest exist and a market for them also exists.. What you don’t have is the knowledge or the know-how to match the products to the market. 

So now the task at hand gets reduced further ….

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Thats where i found myself some time ago and i did my research to find out where i could find the right mix of education, mentorship and a business model all rolled into one nice little package. That’s when i found SFM (short for six figure mentors). I learnt about internet marketing, about the digital economy and how to effectively participate in it. And benefit from this explosive growth. While the traditional way of working is under threat due to changing technologies, outsourcing, redundancies, globalisation etc., the digital marketing business is thriving.

I took this course while i was still at my regular job. It was a step by step training online with one-on-one mentoring to quickly learn how to use social media and digital marketing to match people with products.

As you move into the new year, give this a think…identify that voice which holds you back….become aware of it and see it for what it is…something that is holding you back AND THEN LET IT GO.

If it is Freedom that you are looking for – financial and time freedom, freedom to follow your passion and interest-here is a FREE TRAINING to get you started.

Inspiring story of two professionals

Inspiring story of two professionals

Here are Greg & Fiona Scot, husband and wife, who went from “successful professionals” to being laid off to then become wealthy marketers and globe trotters. To this day, they are travelling 6-8 months of the year to new and exotic places while making earning more than they did as professionals…! A truly inspiring story.

Quick Energy Booster

Quick Energy Booster


Here is a quick under 10 min audio file. This is a very handy energy booster meditation. Anytime you are feeling tired, uncentered try this. You can do it while on a train, plane or  bus. Of course it is not to be done when you are driving yourself. I have found it really useful even first thing in the morning sometimes. This is based on the Jose Silva method.


Find out if you are WIRED for SUCCESS!

Find out if you are WIRED for SUCCESS!

I recently came across this wonderful video on TedX which explains so much about how some of us succeed at most things and how some of us don’t even try. Why some of us jump at trying new things when we know that they can unlock the future for us and others keep ‘circling the swimming pool’ but never jumping in.If you are serious about your success you better watch this… TAKE A LOOK and let me know what you think.


Abundance Meditation


Here is a simple but effective meditation focussing on Abundance that i found and use often to align mind, body & soul towards the path to abundance. Remember that deep intelligence resides at the ‘cellular’ level and meditation allows for the inner silence so that we can access this deep knowledge and achieve dreams. Enjoy.