Imagine that you want something to change in your life. It could be anything- success, money, health, relationships…. We all want something we wish we could have. Try it now. Think about a scenario that you would like to see unfold in your life. It could be that promotion, or the raise or the bonus or that relationship. take a moment to paint that scenario in your mind. I will show you a simple trick to make that scenario become real…
Now focus on the emotion or feeling that arose when you pictured that scenario? Was it joy? Or a sense of relief? Focus on that feeling for now. This is important. Now file it away such that you can recall it at will. 
Now you may think such a scenario is not possible for you. I does not matter what you think.These are limiting beliefs that come in the way of us achieving our goals. These are your own limiting beliefs – no one else controls them. It is up to you to control you or not. Acknowledge them for what they are – limiting beliefs, nothing more. I will show you now how to overcome them.
At this point you will have a goal/prefered scenario. And the positive emotion associated with that scenario. Now recall what you want to happen (the scenario). Then recall the positive feeling that arose – the beliefs you want to change. Then give that emotion/feeling a name – happiness, joy, flight of fancy, bliss, rocket, vortex, any name. The name does not matter, but it must be something that resonates with you! We will call it the trigger!
Set aside a few minutes each day, during your commute, water/coffee break, any time is ok. Recall the scenario and then the trigger. The emotion associated with the trigger will arise. You may find that you begin to relax, your shoulders drop, you may even begin to smile (I do!).
Do the above for one week, then two weeks.  Do it for fun, to make yourself happy for a few minutes everyday. Call it organised day-dreaming. Then start to ‘recall and HOLD on to that feeling‘ for longer periods of time. You go to sleep while experiencing that feeling, remember it when you wake up, the choices are endless. IF doubts begin to creep in where you feel that your desired scenario cannot become real, remember the trigger we identified earlier. When you remember the trigger as and when the doubts arise, pretty soon when ever the doubts arise it will automatically bring up the positive trigger thereby permanently erasing the limiting belief and replacing it with the positive scenario.
Soon you will find that your ‘reality’ will start to mimic what you had day-dreamed. It is nothing but the law of attraction in action. It works only when you are experiencing the emotion associated with what you want to attract. AND overcoming the limiting belief that were diluting your desire. Merely repeating your desire is not going to do it. You have to work on the feeling and cleanse the toxic limiting beliefs.
Right now you may not believe that anything can change. You may feel foolish doing this, but do it anyway. It doesn’t cost you anything to try. The worst that can happen is that you will be exactly where you started – so you are no worse off. Yet, if it works, then you can achieve miracles for yourself! So which part of your current ‘reality’ would you want to be different?
“I can make a living outside of conventional jobs – by doing my own thing.”
“I can follow my passion and increase/replace my job income.”
“I can make money AND enjoy quality time with my family”.
“I can have a non-confrontational relationship with my children/parents.”
“I want time and money freedom.”
The list goes on. You choose what you want to change. 🙂