So who is holding you back??

So who is holding you back??

It is amazing how creative we are in finding a someone or something to blame for our condition…Is it you Dad? Or Is it your Mom? The Economy maybe?  Boss, Spouse?? Who is holding you back from becoming who you want to become??

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Now let me pour some cold water on that notion. NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE is holding you back other than YOU yourself. That little voice in your head that tells you that you cannot do it or that it is not possible comes from within you.. (more…)

The Cry Of A Middle Aged Man

The Cry Of A Middle Aged Man

I received this message from someone who was reacting to the opportunity of becoming an Internet Marketer. I was touched by the words and am sharing it here to help you if you are in the same boat.
This was taken from the application form that he submitted.
Interests And Hobbies:
i just work work and work. enough is enough now I Want to live my life. want to give my kids and family different life then what I lived so far. means financial strength for long term, travel the world (dream), my dream house, nice car etc etc etc, and most importantly I want to serve my community.
Greatest Strengths:
My family is my greatest strength, so far I could not provide them a life the one they deserved. I am working since i was only 13 years old, I hold decent position in one of the Top retailers but I cant enjoy my life with that salary. working so many hours in every week.

I want to serve to local community and help others as well as myself. I don’t have enough money but I have will, hunger and courage for success, which can make me considerable stronge applicant. I am nearly 37 and I don’t have time to waste. Now after 8 months research I decided to choose SFM platform to start my journey to digital world. (Bill Gates says: If you Born poor it is not your fault BUT if you die Poor it is bloody your fault).

Everyone wants the same thing..

Really, its true..

Everyone wants the SAME thing! Let me prove it..

  1. Financial Freedom?
  2. Time with family and loved ones?
  3. Flexibility to work and travel when and where you want?
  4. Make good money without the grind and the stress?
  5. Abundance?

Doesn’t everyone want that? So what is special about your goals or desires??  Nothing. NADA. ZERO!!

Whats my point, you ask? If everyone wants the same thing then why don’t they get it? Why is it a distant target for most of their lives?

What makes the ones who achieve their goals so special? Clearly it’s not the goals  since we all have the same ones.

I am tempted to leave you hanging. But i am too nice a human being to do that 🙂 :)…  So here goes.. (drum roll please…….)

All those goals i listed above are simply results or destinations, thats where you want to arrive …The key lies in the PATH you choose to get there..

The ones who attain them are ones who LOVE THE PROCESS that takes them to their goal. THEY CHOOSE a PATH THEY LOVE... Thats what makes them special!  Thats what makes a basket ball player into a MICHAEL JORDAN!


So what are you going to do about it? Its simpler than you think. Here is the formula and it applies to EVERYONE…



Learn the ART of MARKETING on the INTERNET.

SELL existing products and services in YOUR AREA OF INTEREST to 3 BILLION people on the planet….in short become an affiliate marketer.

You will find – WORKING IN YOUR AREA OF INTEREST (passion) makes you LOVE WHAT YOU DO. and provides that MAGIC sauce the leads you to your goals. The products already exist. The customers already exist too!

All you need to do is … LEARN THAT ART OF MARKETING ON THE INTERNET and connect the products to the customers using the education of internet marketing. 

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Dream BIG. start small. Move Fast..

Dream BIG. start small. Move Fast..

I was attending a Fintech Innovation Expo today in Singapore. I am a business and technology buff and was curious to see what the Tech & Business brains were cooking for us to use in the near future. While i was there i saw this on the T-shirt of all the event management staff.

Dream BIG.

start small.

Move Fast…….

It was an aha moment for me as i realised how this was relevant in so many ways. To do anything of significance it is important that we dream big…. That is the starting point. Unless you create a worthy target, worthy of your talent, time and effort it is not going to hold your interest for long. When you are at the gym if you continuously function at a level which is within your comfort zone you will not see the results and will soon give it up as you are not able to see any results.

Once you commit to a BIG dream, it would be foolish to jump in and throw everything into the ring. No, it would be impractical. We all have far too many commitments and duties to blindly jump into something. You need to start small, start to chip away at the goal, find out what is easy or low hanging fruit and what will take time to master. 

Then we arrive at –  move fast. Its about taking action, for in the words of Dale Carnegie

Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

The next realisation for me was that without my knowing this is the path i took to become an internet marketer. This education that leads to an online business is perfectly suited for this formula! If you are ready to jump into the new exciting world of following your dreams without risking it all and taking massive action then click below. Best part is that you don’t have to give up your current job or business, do this along with your current commitments, switch only when you can see the road ahead and are confident of realising your Big Dream…..

The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose.

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”  – Robin Sharma

I can remember the feelings so vividly—the emptiness, the yearning, the confusion, the lacking, and the depression. They all merged together, and they always seemed to present themselves at the worst possible times.

The simplest things, like getting out of bed in the morning, felt so heavy. The best joys in life, like being with family and creating new connections, felt unsatisfying. Things were heavy, hard, and almost unbearable. All this when I was among those who were financially, emotionally, socially well off and had no real worries about the future.

I didn’t understand what was creating these feelings, or what I needed to do to change them.

Then it started to become clear that I was losing a sense of purpose. Starting to feel that I did not belong or rather was no longer wanted or relevant. There was no clear career path from here, all the new initiatives did not really involve me anymore.  (more…)