The sign of our times….Do you want to be where the action is

The sign of our times….Do you want to be where the action is

“A Black Friday sale by retailers along Singapore’s popular shopping street will not officially happen this year after all.

The Orchard Road Business Association (Orba) has shelved plans for the event, following concerns by retailers that Black Friday has turned into a mostly e-commerce festival.

The high street of Singapore’s shopping district has decided to cancel Black Friday, a highly prized day for them in the past! Why?  Because the business is moving online…..Just another reminder that the entire human race is moving to the internet for most of their needs. Initially it was just for information that we used the internet (google god.. :)), then it was for communication (emails) and since then more and more services are moving online as the main source of delivery – travel (airlines, cabs etc), shopping (amazon, alibaba, ebay etc) to name a few..basically commerce is moving to the internet..

Life on the internet is where the action is and is going to continue in our life time at least. Now what does this mean for us?

If you want to benefit from this monumental shift you need to understand the language and nuances of this new world… And i don’t mean learning to code and make mobile apps…Its about using the internet for business and earning income, where you are your own boss, don’t need large investments, have all the time flexibility so you choose the hours and days that you work. 

So for the smart cookies out there, the job will transform into a business.

Trick is, how to use your experience, interests and passion to successfully create this business.. Thats where we come in..Learn internet/affiliate marketing, which is the new language you need to thrive in the decades to come..