Digital Gold Rush – do you see the opportunity?

While the traditional economy has been stuck in the toilet since 2007, there has simultaneously been an explosion in the Digital Economy. (The “good” kind of explosion.)

For example, did you know that:

70% expect to pay less for stuff online than at a local retailer

Online sales are expected to increase $120 billion by 2016

There are currently more than 1.038 billion “smart phones”

Another 1 billion will be sold in the next 2 years alone. (more…)

Why Meditation Works? Mystery Solved!

Why Meditation Works? Mystery Solved!


Ever wonder why so many people meditate? And why so many ‘wise ones’ have been recommending meditation through the ages? While it is proven that meditation helps in so many subtle ways to ease the stress and generally improve one’s approach to life? Ever wonder why that happens? Or how it happens?

Everyone understands and agrees that we have a conscious brain and an unconscious brain. Science  confirms that the conscious brain is on the 1/10 of the total and the balance 9/10 is the unconscious brain.

What is the conscious brain?

The conscious brain is the part of your mind that is responsible for logic and reasoning. The conscious brain also controls all the actions that we perform intentionally such as walking or waving.

And the subconscious brain?

The subconscious brain controls the body and the body’s internal functions such as breathing, heart beat, digestion, excretion, controlling all the glands etc. It is also responsible for ensuring safety and survival of the body. That is why breathing, heart beat and all other reflex actions happen without involving the conscious brain. (more…)