Franchize Vs Affiliate Marketing


Here is a brief note on the basic difference between franchising and affiliate marketing and reasons why you should look at affiliate marketing as new industry of the digital age. Hope you find it useful.


Franchise Basics

In a franchise setup, a business operator sells the rights to use the name, business model and processes to a franchisee who wants to operate his own business unit. The franchisee typically pays the franchisor an upfront fee as well as ongoing licensing fees in exchange for the benefits of using the business name and structure. In this type of business structure, the franchisee has ownership of his unit or location.


Affiliate Basics

In an affiliate business model, an independent seller agrees to promote or sell goods and services on behalf of a primary company in exchange for commissions. This type of structure is common on the Internet, where independent websites promote goods and services for other companies through affiliate marketing programs. (more…)